I DO! tip #1 A Lifetime To Love

Well you’ve asked for it and here it is. Today marks the first day of our I DO wedding tips! I hope you all are excited as we are as we embark upon this new chapter together.

I DO tip #1 : It takes a lifetime to love someone. While many believe in love at first sight, falling madly in love, and etc. To truly love someone takes a lifetime. When two individuals come together as one, it is just that. As time goes on you and your spouse will begin to evolve not only as a couple but as individuals as well. Throughout your marriage you may experience several changes. Some changes may be positive and some may be negative. At the end of the day it is your responsibility to yourself and your spouse to still support them no matter what that change may be. True love understands that things happen for a reason and it will allow you to look past a person’s faults and see their needs. So today I encourage you to make a vow to love each other for a lifetime, because true love is not brewed over night!

as originally posted on our Facebook page Ocotber 24, 2013


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