I DO! tip #4 – Agape Love and then some

I had prayed about what I was going to write next. Then I was browsing my news feed on Facebook and came along a wonderful posting about marriage. The writer and I share the same feelings about marriage. What I read in that moment compelled me to respond to her post. Hence, God gave me my next tip.

The missing link in marriage is AGAPE LOVE!!!! The only way for a marriage to work is denying self. After 10 years of marriage, 3 children, and only 31 years of age…I’ve LEARNED that AGAPE LOVE is what keeps you. When one TRULY knows God, they live by it. The real issue is that people are not being taught how to live out true love. We talk about love daily yet many do not know what it is yet alone how to give it. Marriage is a ministry, it was never intended to be difficult. We allowed ourselves to fall into the enemies trap of “marriage is work”, and that is a lie from the pits of hell. Marriage is not work its beautiful even if there is a hiccup, a situation, disagreement…its not work because you CANT clock out and because you have God right by your side. Imagine having to do it alone.

Another issue is that many marry out of season (learned that too). Just because God says, “that’s your spouse”, you better get confirmation on that date, lol. All jokes aside rushing down that aisle can cause you a few years of a living hell and unfortunately in many cases a divorce. This happens because the two of you are still being ready for each other. It’s not just a saying that good things come to those who wait. When you marry, you want to be sure that you are the best person you can be and that you are completely ready to share your life with someone else and give to them UNCONDITIONALLY. Being sure that the time is right is very important. Too often do people marry and then later turn around to divorce because they say they rushed into things.

Lastly, don involve everyone in your negative marital issues. You may divulge too much about your situation and when God has you do something other than you’ve planned or what you said you’d do, people will look at you like you crazy. Rightfully so because you opened your problem to them instead of going to God his instructions.

I have done many things over my past 10 years of being married to Amado. I’ve left once, threatened to put him out a few times and even found myself praying and crying that God would say yes I could end it. I learned it was contrary to what He planned for me to do. My going through all that I went through was so that I could not only write to you today but grow into who I am today, an AGAPE LOVER.

Keep praying and hang in there, the reward is WORTH IT!!!! That goes for singles and the married.



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