I DO! tip #8 All Good Things Come In 3’s

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the number three. My personal reason is because it’s the trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. But also in my life for me all good things have happened to me around this number. Okay well maybe not ALL things, but I sure do like the ones that did 🙂

With that being said, I always tell my clients that they only need three options.


Planning a wedding can become taxing if you are presented with one too many options. Limiting yourself to only three choices will make the work a lot easier for you. It’s no different when you seek estimates for car repair work. You go out to three different locations and pick the best one out of the three. Simple and task completed. This makes things so much less complicated.





Let’s imagine…

Imagine going into a wedding gown boutique. You are there with your MOH, MOB, and your BM’s. There are tons of gowns, the place is beautiful and you are more than excited. You see some gowns you
dislike and some you love and you love a lot. Naturally you cannot have them all. What’s the game plan? You must determine several things about your gown to help get you through this process as quick and pain free as possible.



  1. The Budget – never look at anything out of your budget. Doing so will only set you up for heartache. No need in looking at something you cannot purchase. Furthermore, DO NOT TRY IT ON!!! Too many times have I seen brides put on gowns they cannot afford, only to fall in love with them then cry and have a hissy fit because they cannot afford it. Please do not fall victim to this. Set a budget and remain within it at ALL TIMES.
  2. Silhouette – it’s best to select the silhouette that will compliment your body shape. We all have our likes and dislikes but sometimes what we like is not always what is best for our body type. Your wedding day and portraits are something you will remember forever. Therefore, you must wear what will not only make you feel your best but look your best as well. I have dressed many of brides in silhouettes they would have never imagined trying on in their life. It is sometimes true that what’s best for you is often times what you never wanted. Do not be so quick to dismiss a gown until you’ve tried it on. Once you’ve tried it on and see the actual picture, then make your decision.
  3. Color – color is very important. Now days wedding gowns are not just available in the traditional white. Wedding gowns come in stock white, off white, cream, ivory, beige, champagne, rose, and almost any other color you can think of. But you must wear what works best for you. Keep it to your liking, the tone you’ve set for your wedding, and do not forget to make sure it enhances your skin tone.

After you have tackled that it is now time to try on some gowns. Make sure someone has a camera to take pictures and someone else has pen and paper to take notes. Your appointment will typically last only an hour so make it worth it by being prepared to make a decision. Only select three wedding gowns. If you are working with an excellent wedding gown consultant they will express the same and have three in mind for you to try on. Yes, ONLY THREE!!! Out of the three you try on you should only keep one or two you like the best. Then you repeat and find three more gowns (make it good because this is the last time you will hit the racks). Now out of these three you will select two if you picked one out of the first round and two if you selected one out of the first round. You should now have three wedding gowns to select from. Take a deep breath, now make your decision and have no regrets.

I’ve come up with this method after assisting many brides as a wedding gown consultant in selecting their wedding gowns. However, I apply this method not only to purchasing a wedding gown but also when purchasing invitations, dĂ©cor, selecting vendors, and more. When you go in with a firm plan it helps make the process more fun and enjoyable for you.

Happy planning!


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