I DO! tip #9 Spend What You Have and Not What You Don’t

The wedding budget, something many do not wish to discuss. There are various outlooks on the wedding budget. Some think it is not of importance while others may over stress about it. Then you have Amada Events & Designs’ clients who tackle their wedding budget with ease. We explain to our clients that there is no reason to get bent out of shape over the wedding budget. By creating an overall wedding budget than allocating your expenses you will experience a more stress free planning.

According to statistics, the average cost of an Houston wedding is $40,000. However, keep in mind that a wedding planned on a more modest scale, or taking place in a more rural area, might cost considerably less. Your ceremony and reception site will play a major factor in your wedding budget.

Always keep in mind that no two weddings are alike. Therefore, what one couple spends on their wedding another couples cost may differ. With that being said it is the same for the allocation of funds within a wedding budget. The typical allocation of expenses in a wedding budget are detailed below. Keep in mind this can be changed according to your needs, there is nothing wrong with that.

It takes team work to create and stick to your budget.
It takes team work to create and stick to your budget.

Reception site/catering 40-45%

Music 7-9%

Bakery 3%

Photographer 9%

Videographer 5%

Wedding attire 10%

Flowers and decorations 9%

Invitations and announcements 4%

Ceremony site/officiate fee 4%

Transportation 2%

Rental items 3%

Gifts 3%

Parties 2%

Miscellaneous 2%

Most couples have a general idea of what their overall wedding budget will be. However, they usually do not yet have a plan for the distribution of the funds among the various costs of the wedding. If at any time you find yourself stressed out over your wedding budget call us (832) 730-4910 or toll free (888) 760-3379 and allow us to bring you some relief. As your Wedding Planner we are here to guide you and work alongside you to assure that every area is covered. Allow us to put our skills to work for you!


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