I DO! tip #10 Creative Wedding Shower Ideas

Planning a wedding shower can be a challenging task. While its fun and joyous, creating something different can be difficult. No guest wants to go to a wedding shower that is just like the last one they went to. You owe it to yourself and your guests to create something unique, fresh, and exciting. Doing so will assure you that everyone is enjoying you and the shower. This will also give them great things to talk about and create great anticipation for your upcoming wedding.

Below I’ve listed a couple of creative wedding shower ideas that may help get your wheels turning. Remember you can always call on us should you need one-on-one professional assistance.

ABC Shower Kids Letters Spelling Abc As Symbol For Education And Learning

Gifts: assign all your guests an alphabet letter and ask him or her to bring a gift that starts with the letter they received. Example, A is for apron, B is for blender, C is for cruise, and etc.

Food: Create cookies using alphabet cookie cutters or make alphabet block shape cookies. Make sure to top them with your wedding colors. You can also serve alphabet soup, alphabet shaped sandwiches, again using a cookie cutter to cut out your shapes.



Honeymoon Extravaganza Shower Paradise Island

Have your guests pitch in on the purchase of your honeymoon getaway. The idea is to give your guests with a specified amount to give (such as $20.00). Your decor for the shower should also be based on the climate of your honeymoon destination. For example, honeymoons taking place in a warmer climate, you should place beach bags filled with flip-flops, towels, sunscreen, and sun glasses each on guest tables. Serve delicious fruity drinks and tropical dishes. For warmer climates you can use a small basket filled with hot chocolate, tea, coffee, your favorite movie, a blanket, and etc as centerpieces. Serve your choice of signature hot chocolate, frappe’s, teas, or coffees.

Happy Planning!



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