I DO! tip #12 To Wear or Not to Wear

393020_453982704685906_1255108489_aI have been asked this question over a million times. I honestly believe that it is a wonderful question to not only ask but to also know the answer to. As a wedding professional I always have my client’s best interest at heart. As a minister I always have those that I minister best interest at heart. I said that to say, either way I have YOUR best interest at heart 🙂

Now the question is, when having a wedding at a church should you have a low cut and/or form fitting dress? Now that eyebrows have raised all across cyberspace, I’ll give my reply.

It is my personal belief aside from faith, religion, and etc. That a woman should always dress herself with respect, dignity, and class. This can be done in various ways without being distasteful in the House of God. As a former dress specialist I have sold several wedding gowns that have been both form fitting and low cut in the bust (bodice) to many woman that were getting married in the church. They gracefully covered themselves with sheer material such as chiffon, lace, a shawl, etc. for the ceremony and removed it for the reception.

When it comes to figure, well when you can wear that gown, WEAR IT!!!!!! Not only are you there to wow those celebrating with you, you are there to WOW your HTB (Husband To Be). Just do it tastefully by making sure everything is tucked in the right place and not hanging over and/or out. Purchasing specialized undergarments will help you do this. Often times brides think they can use the everyday undergarments with their wedding gown and it will look just fine. While this can be done, the wedding gown will not portray its created look. Wedding gown undergarments are designed to help the body adhere to the form and flow of the gown. I always suggest taking a picture with and without and seeing the difference for yourself. Don’t just take my word or your wedding gown consultants, see for yourself. They say a picture says a thousand words, right?

Hopefully I have answered this question to your liking. I would love to get your feedback on this. Your answer may help another bride…


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