I DO! tip #13 Intimacy Before Love or Love First

I just love how God shows up when you least expect it. As many of you have seen its been a few days since my last post. Some of you may know how I am but for those who are new followers of my blog, I don’t post anything unless I feel lead to do so, no matter what the post is about. That’s just the way I am. With that being said…here’s the post.

Marriage first and love will follow

I am still a Facebook junkie!!! 🙂 I had finished doing my daily updates on both my personal, ministry, and business pages. I watched one too many videos, and then there it was…a topic of discussion/question. I was actually glade to see it. Partially because I know the person posting the question I had an idea what she truly felt about it. Secondly because there are so many views about this subject. I believe that everything we do in life is for purpose and has meaning. Therefore, everything we do should be done in order. I know by now you’re thinking, what’s the questions?

Okay here it is…

Question: Is it possible to b in love with sum1 you neva had sex with??? ~Anonymous

My replies:

Sex doesn’t validate love. Intercourse was created for the marriage and is a physical expression of love. Keep in mind each time we are physically intimate with someone we carry them into our new relationship. So its way more than just sex and love. Let it be love then marriage then love making! Sadly we are never taught that growing up. We are only taught don’t do it or you’ll get pregnant or a disease.

I had to come back and add that the enemy always tries to play mind games. If we could understand the power of ministry (marriage) then we could truly grasp why the enemy doesn’t want us to have it. Often times you can marry and not be IN LOVE!!!! ohhh yes I said it, when God sends you your mate everyone is not always be head over heels in love. Sometimes they fall deeply in love with time. They may have a love for each other and because they understand and respect God they follow his commands and they WILL live happily ever after because its GODS doing and not their own. Then there are those that are sooooooo in love and it makes their whole body hurt, lol, butterflies in all. And that’s great too and their love will only intensify with time. I pose this question as the ultimate food for thought. When a husband and a wife reach the age where their bodies begin to change and physical intimacy becomes a thing of the past for the obvious reasons, THEN WHAT???? Relationships are not meant to be solely based on physical contact but with a spiritual relationship with God and each other. THATS TRUE INTIMACY!!!!

Now my faithful readers I ask you, what are your thoughts on this topic?


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