I DO! tip #14 Money Talk

4bbd1d94c8e4065adI just wanted to share a funny thought I had and a good life lesson I learned. I remember when my husband and I were dating, he always had a stash of money hidden. Over the years I learned how to find it without even looking…hahahaha Not only did I find the stash that he didn’t mind me knowing he hid, but I got good…I found the stash HE DID NOT want me to know about too. hahaha!!!

He wasn’t selfish with his cash but he did give me a limit, to keep me under control of course. 🙂 I would always get what I call ‘play money’ from him out of each of his paychecks. This ‘play money’ was just for me. I was to buy whatever my heart desired and spend it all on me. We always allocated on our money as such: bills, households, groceries, kids, car, and education. But for some odd reason when it came to my ‘play money’ everyone else kept getting new toys, shoes, and clothes BUT ME. How did this happen? Let me explain, as a women it is in our nature to care and nurture. It is just our instinct to make sure that those we love around us are taken care of. Often times we will forget about ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires…just so we can see our family happy. Let me let you in on a not so secret, secret.

It takes team work to create and stick to your budget.
It takes team work to create and stick to your budget.


I learned the hard way. We have to still take care of ourselves first and maintain a family. If you don’t you will find yourself in a state of depression, stressed, and unhappy. Please don’t say, “that wont happen to me,” because often times it does. It’s not our intent to let this happen, it just does with time. If it does and you need a way out. Do like I did, FIND THE STASH!!!! 😉 oh and don’t forget to also find the real backup stash as well. My husband just smiles when I find his stashes. Now I’m not saying taking it without his knowledge. BY NO MEANS. Be an honest woman at all times. You just make that nice little phone call or make the best dinner ever and that leave the rest to your imagination and that stash is yours 😉


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