I DO! Tip #15 Write It Up

I sound like a broken record when I say this and honestly I do not mind it. GET A CONTRACT!!!!! I cannot say this enough to anyone planning a wedding. So many times have I seen great people get burned because they didn’t have it in writing. Let me explain how this works in the simplest way possible. You’re planning a wedding and you need someone to give you a service. It does not matter if the service is free or for a charge, If you know them or not. Whatever the agreement you come up with put it in writing. The agreement should include both parties contact information, signatures on said agreement, services being provided, payment agreement, service address, rental policy, cancellation policy, late fee,  and any other special conditions and terms.

The purpose of hiring a Wedding Planner or Coordinator is to help you in facilitating such transactions with wedding vendors. If you are not sure that your planner or coordinator provides such a service review the contract you have with them. If its not included ask about this service as I highly recommend having it. The reason I say that is because not all Wedding Planners and Coordinators run their business the same and packages and services vary per company. Some include contract review in their packages others charge to review them, while some do not review them at all.

At Amada Events & Designs we are liaisons between our clients and their vendors. This means that if we have assisted in selecting vendors for you we have a working history with these vendors and we are familiar with their contracts and how they conduct business. We can easily explain to you their services and what you can expect to receive from them. However if you have contracted a vendor prior to hiring us or presented us with vendors we will check the vendor contracts with you to assure that the contract is written in a manner where both you and the wedding vendor will benefit from contract signature. We do this to make sure there is no hidden language, that important elements are not missing, and that it is also in your favor as well. Lastly, allowing your Wedding Planner or Coordinator to review your contracts is very important so that she can be informed of the services your vendors are required to give you during your wedding and make sure they adhere to the guidelines of their contract. Without a written contract one cannot enforce anyone to do anything and only hope that they will do what they verbally promised they would do. So as I said in the beginning  GET IT IN WRITING!!! 


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