I DO! tip #16 Table Seating 411

So you and your fiancé are sitting down tackling your seating chart and you have no idea where to begin. You’ve thought about squared, discussed long. Maybe you’ve argued over having round tables but then you realized there is a 36″ round, a 48″ round, a 60″ round, and wait there is a 72″ round….PAUSE. Take a deep breath. Its not as hard as you think. First off, this is why you have hired us professionals. Secondly we have provided you with helpful insight, template and tools to guide you along the way. Now that you have clamed down, relaxed and your breathing. Lets get to it.

The reality is, sometimes creating a seating arrangement can be difficult when you do not know what you are doing. So here is just a little 411 to help get you started. Its best to start with the basics: How many people do you anticipate attending your event, keep individuals that do not get along AWAY from each other, seat couples together, help introduce your guest to each other by placing them next to people they may not know, and if possible create seating for children. For example have a section designated for children along with hired child care providers. This allows parents to enjoy the event. This is why you invited them in the first place, right? Or if that is not an option keep guests with children close together and close to the restrooms and exits for an easier dismissal when they need to make a run for it. Everyone at the party even including the parents will be glad that you did. The same goes for any elderly or any guests with any physical disabilities that would benefit being closer to the exits or restrooms.

table diagram

Here is some table qty 411 above:

36″ table seats 4 or less

48″ table seats 6-8 (6 comfortably)

60″ table seats 8-10 ( 8 very comfortably, but most people do put 10 at these; fewer centerpieces after all!)

72″ table seats 10-12 (10 very comfortably)


I hope this helps shed some light on the ever daunting tasks of table seating and allows you to have some fun placing your loved ones next to each other. Enjoy mixing and blending your family members amongst each other, remember this is the uniting and gathering of two families GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER.



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