I DO! tip #18 How Do I Greet My Guests?

One of the most important questions for anyone having an event is how will we greet our guests. Below I have briefly listed some of the ideas that we use here at Amada Events & Designs.

3d Characters Shaking Hands Showing Greeting Or Deal

1. If you have an outdoor event its nice to great your guest with a delicious refreshing beverage like sparking water or sparkling wine-garnished with a beautiful mint sprig, bright lemon slice.

2. Guests always enjoy gifts. Greeting your guests upon arrival with a beautiful favor is always a great way of thanking them for attending your special day, no matter the occasion. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift right.

3. Allowing your guests to seat themselves upon arrival is becoming more popular vs. the traditional ushered seating. Just make sure you have something to keep your guests entertained while everyone is being seated. Example, light music, sparkling water or wine upon arrival, etc.

There are so many more ways of greeting your guests at your event. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you one on one how we can help you greet your guests in a way that they will always remember. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation, (832) 730-4910.


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