I DO! tip #19 Unaccompanied Minors Traveling to Mexico

For those of you who are planning a destination wedding, family reunion, getaway, you name it. This is very helpful information. It has been sometime since this change has taken place. Nonetheless many are still unaware, of its existence. I continue to spread the word because as I just mentioned. Many are affected by it daily when traveling abroad. This change is going to help so many young travelers and their families. For years the requirements have been more of a burden then of help for minors entering into the country of Mexico. However, thanks to recent regulation changes things are going to be much easier from now until one year.

The regulation had proved to be a cumbersome roadblock for families, as well as student groups entering Mexico or for kids traveling solo or with just one parent. Therefore, the regulation has been suspended for a year by the Ministry of Tourism and National Institute of Migration.

Unaccompanied minors traveling to Mexico will no longer need a notarized letter from their parent or guardian authorizing their trip to Mexico. Prior to the temporary suspension, anyone under 18 traveling alone or accompanied by a single parent or legal guardian had to carry a notarized letter signed by both parents or by the one not traveling with the minor granting permission to enter/exit the country.

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