I DO! #23 Tip Destination Planning 101 – To Have Or Not To Have…That Is The Question

Why have a destination wedding?

This seems to be the number one question that keeps running across the minds of most couples and their families. The response will vary per individual honestly. Destination weddings are on an all-time high because you have the ability to treat your family and friends to the vacation they never take and always wanted. You have the opportunity to have both your dream ceremony and honeymoon in one convenient location, there are several gorgeous locations to select from, and last but defiantly not lease the price is right (can vary depending on destination and resort).

10313580_10203188204521906_4585032826454390805_nMany couples go this route when they prefer a smaller guest list. However, do not think for one minute that destination weddings aren’t for large gatherings. The guest list for destination weddings can range from as small as a party of 2, just the bride and groom, to as large as 300+ guests.

One of the misconceptions about destination weddings is that there is very little planning required. Well that is far from the truth. There is actually about the same amount of planning that goes into a destination wedding and sometimes there can be more depending on the wedding logistics. A destination wedding has been proven to be less overwhelming in the sense that you are planning both your wedding and honeymoon simultaneously and with the same team. Whereas in planning a local wedding you typically would have a wedding planner and hire a travel agent separately unless you are fortunate to hire a company such as Amada Events & Designs that specializes in both areas (Wedding Planning/Coordinating and Travel Design). It is very important to have the right team working on your behalf when planning a destination wedding as the resort, linens, décor, and other items are not tangible as in planning a local wedding. This is where you must rely on the expertise of your local and domestic planning team to collaborate and communicate effectively to plan your dream wedding.

Key Tips:

  1. Start Early: I advise starting at least 11 months out. That way you are collation with the airline flight itinerary release dates. This gives your guests ample amount of time to make any necessary arrangements on their ends (financial obligations, work related, and etc.).
  2. Determine your budget: Creating your budget will allow you to determine how much you would like to spend in each area of your wedding…STICK TO IT and when in doubt, follow it out!!!
  3. Select your destination: This task can be as easy as you make it. Decide what is most important to you in your wedding – Rate, destination, package offerings, All-inclusive, water activities, and etc. Now you will create your pro and con list from three different resorts within your set budget. Now it’s a matter of selecting the resort that meets most of your needs that you will select for your destination wedding.
  4. Now contact your vendors and start planning!

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