A Friendly Reminder…

Never allow someone to silence your voice. Make sure that you are being heard. YOU ARE VALUABLE!!! Remember often times actions speak louder than words.

Speech Bubbles And 3d Characters Shows Discussion And Gossip
Speech Bubbles And 3d Characters Showing Discussion And Gossip

Don’t be confused… you read that correctly. In relationships we yield authority to our partner unwillingly because they make us feel inferior and/or made us feel as if our voice didn’t matter. So then we close up and don’t speak out and leave our feelings inside.  Sometimes we even stop acting out our feelings because our voice has been diminished. So when I say don’t be silenced and actions speak louder than words I mean that. Some times you are REQUIRED to SPEAK and sometimes your are REQUIRED to ACT. Learn when to move. Be bold and stand for yourself. When you do this you are ultimately standing for your relationship. You both will be happier in the end that you did 🙂

~Ari A. Flores




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