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I was asked to provide some helpful pre and post marriage tips for about since early 2000. After prayer and thinking and more praying. I am happy to announce that those tips are here. It is our desire at Amada Events & Designs, to not only aid in planning your wedding, but to help give you the essentials to have a blessed new life with your spouse and family.

Marriage is beautiful and a great pleasure of life. We want you to receive all that you are to receive and give all that you are to give in your marriage. This is a journey for you and your WTB or HTB, and we are here to guide you along the way. In this blog I’ll share with you not only my personal experiences and testimony but, stories shared from others. So fasten your seat belts, grab your pen and paper for notes. If you are a crier you will need tissue as well. So lets grow and learn together, as we make Memories That Last a Lifetime!

On A Personal Note

picAri has been happily married to her husband Amado Flores since 2004. They have four beautiful children, Carlos, David, Adrian, and Amada and enjoy being actively involved in their lives. Watching them grow into their own encourages Ari to strive for more and gives her  a deeper and richer insight on how she can better serve others not only as a planner but as a listener as well.

Ari was born in Flint, MI on May 10, 1982 to the late Dr. Rev. Leroy and Lisa Shelton. After her parents separation she relocated to Muskegon, MI with her mother and younger sister Afani. At a young age she was very involved in ministry, the community, decorating, and event planning. It was only natural and destined for her to follow the example of both her parents. After graduating from Mona Shores High School she became pregnant and had her eldest son David at the age of 18. Being a single mother proved to be a challenge but Ari rose to the top ever so gracefully. A sudden unforeseeable medical condition caused her to become disabled and unable to continue working. Devastated and depressed she turned to drugs and alcohol use as her way of escape. Knowing that she could not continue on this downward spiral, Ari took a big leap of faith, relocated to Lansing, MI, and joined her younger sister to change her life in 2002. Leaving behind her son with her mother until she found work and a residence proved to be a great heartache for Ari. She quickly made progress, attended Lansing Community College, and studied International Business while working two part time jobs in fast food and sales. It was during this time she met Amado. It was never love at first sight for Ari or Amado. Both were involved with other people at the time. However, the two developed a very distant friendship that dwindled for several months. As time lapsed, and they began to speak more frequently, Ari finally gave into one of Amado’s attempts to take her to dinner and a movie. When he came to pick her up, she heard the Holy Spirit tell her that Amado was her husband as she opened the door. She initially rejected this but it weighed heavy on her for several weeks. Reminded of why she moved, the prayers she prayed; to be married and to start a family by the time David was three years old. Now, receiving it as a sign and true word from God, Ari allowed Amado to become more than her friend. After a very short courtship, the two married on May 4, 2002 and began forming their family. It was never roses during the beginning for the Flores family. Ari has overcome many obstacles and helped hundreds of people along the way, often in the midst of her own storm. Ari’s journey as a wife and homemaker; provoked her to share her testimony with singles and couples. Doing so proved to be not only helpful to others but to her as well.

After her father’s sudden passing on May 4, 2009, Ari and her family relocated to Houston, TX to embark upon a new journey. Alongside her mother, Pastor Lisa Shelton, Ari participates in several ministries, community outreach programs, and operates her own wedding consulting business she started in 2011. Amada Events & Designs was officially incorporated in April of 2012.  The inspiration of the name comes from her husband and daughter whose names mean ‘beloved of God’. Because marriage is very important and dear to Ari, she combined her passion for ministry and event designing. She creates beloved events that leave her clients with memories for a lifetime. She has over 20 years of experience in decorating and event planning and brings elegance and creativity to each of her creations. With over 15 years of planning destination weddings, honeymoons, and corporate events, her attention to detail is exceptional. She has more than 6 years serving in both the nonprofit and small business sector under various titles (President, board member, Project Coordinator, Planner, and Administrative Assistant) that afforded her the opportunity to create and implement elegant and fun event designs for all ages and cultures. She has had the pleasure of working with governmental officials, health agencies, entertainers, international clientele, and clergy members. Ari is not just a Wedding Coordinator; she is also a minister, travel agent, destination wedding specialist, and event designer. Being knowledgeable in these areas, she assists her clients in obtaining the event of their dreams, from planning, travel to décor she has them covered. 302710_10151569244754111_916950537_n

Amada Events & Designs is a dream come true for Ari and her sincere desire to serve others and enthusiasm exudes with every project she completes.

Areas of specialty: destination weddings, honeymoons, personal event planning and decorating, ministry events, non-profit and small business events, and travel.





  • Starting a Nonprofit
  • US Airways Vacations
  • Universal Orlando Resort Master Specialist
  • Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist
  • Mexico Specialist – The Mexico Tourism Board
  • Selling Mexico Destination Weddings – The Mexico Tourism Board
  • Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Montego Bay, Jamaica Specialist
  • Certified Sandals Specialist